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Whether you are first-time parents or have a sibling on the way, are expecting twins or even triplets, we will have the perfect Maternity Nurse for you. On the other hand, if your baby has already arrived, please see below for a selection of our Maternity Nurses available now.

Maternity Nurses Standing By
  • MN00718

    Available NOW. A fantastic Maternity Nurse who has also grown up twins of her own. Well known to the
  • MN50644

    Available NOW. Supportive, patient and caring, with a very friendly manner. Very good at working together with parents to look
  • MN11710

    Available NOW. This candidate is originally from France and lives in London. She has worked in the UK for a
  • NN51159

    Available NOW to 16 Nov & from 1 Dec 2017 onwards. This is a fantastic Maternity Nurse who is
  • MN50488

    Available NOW to 4 Dec 2017 & from 3 Jan 2018 onwards. This Maternity Nurse has a medical background and
  • NN09695

    Available from 19 Oct 2017 onwards. Gentle natured, happy to follow Mum’s lead, also able to give guidance

Maternity Nurses

Our expert and personal service allows our Maternity Nurses to work efficiently while we manage their diaries and send them 'new client' alerts instantly. We keep them booked according to their preferred working schedule and support them from start to finish.

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