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The Selection Process

Arranging the Interview

If you are first time parents, it can be a difficult task deciding which Maternity Nurse would suit your family.

The interview is most important and you can choose to meet all the suggested Maternity Nurses or a small selection, based on your initial impression from the telephone interviews that you held. If there is a firm favourite and you have difficulty co-ordinating diaries you can, at this stage, book her ‘subject to interview’.

All Maternity Nurses will arrange interviews to take place on their day off, unless they are working nearby and are able to meet with you for a couple of hours. Please be advised that if, for example, out of five candidates you have shortlisted two, your consultant will do her best to ensure their Profiles* are not sent to other clients with similar dates until you have finalised your selection, but we would respectfully ask that you do not delay the process.

* From our years of placing Maternity Nurses, we find that, while experience and expertise are important, it’s personality above all things that makes for a successful booking. Please bear this in mind when making your final decision.

We would be grateful if you could keep your consultant up to date with your progress by pinging her a quick update email at any time.

During the Interview

Meeting at your home offers the perfect opportunity for you to show the Maternity Nurse her working environment, the nursery, her bedroom (if applicable) and any equipment that you have already bought. Some of the things that you may like to discuss with her include:

  • How she would plan a typical day
  • Your feeding plans and her views on them
  • Your due date and how long you anticipate the booking should be for
  • If there will be any travel from your home during the booking, especially if she is required to travel abroad
  • Her requirements for the nursery and her preferred products to use
  • Her views on routine and how she keeps to this
  • Whether she advocates the use of dummies (pacifiers)
  • When she would like to go for walks with your baby
  • If there are siblings to consider, the relationship you see her having with the siblings (and nanny, if employed) and how she would encourage siblings to interact with your baby. Older sisters in particular do like to help tend to baby
  • Her views on having visitors and, in particular, visiting hours to work around your baby’s routine
  • If she needs time off during the day to catch up on her sleep
  • Her days off and how/where she would spend this
  • If she has her own contract and whether she requires a deposit to confirm the booking

While we continue to confirm references after each booking, do make time to take up verbal references yourself to give you peace of mind, this is also an opportunity to ask any specific questions you might have.

Once you have decided on the Maternity Nurse that you would like to book and have agreed the number of weeks with her, please do inform us so that we can allocate your booking to her diary.

From this point, your booked Maternity Nurse will note your dates in her diary and you will both keep in touch as your pregnancy progresses.

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