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Frequently Asked Questions

Set out below are a selection of the most frequently asked questions. We think we've covered everything, however, if there's a question you feel we haven't answered here we would be delighted to consider adding it to our already long list below.


Where do you place your Maternity Nurses?

We place our Maternity Nurses with our clients who live in London, the country and overseas. In London, we take both residential and days/nights only bookings, however, for country and overseas bookings, the bookings are residential as it is rare a Maternity Nurse will have her own accommodation nearby. For bookings abroad, the client is responsible for the Maternity Nurse's flights, medical insurance and visas.

Does the fact that I'm a Midwife or Nurse fulfil your criteria?

We do accept applications from Midwives and Nurses, however we do require previous household experience, for example carrying out home visits or providing help to a mother when she arrived home from the hospital or working for a number of days in a placement.

Once my CV has been sent to the client, how are interviews arranged?

We will contact you to confirm your interest before sending the client your CV and references to peruse. Once the client has read your documentation, she will arrange to telephone you for a chat. If you are in a booking we will advise when would be the best time to call so that you are not disturbed. We find that some clients prefer to speak to a few Maternity Nurses before making a shortlist to interview and others arrange to meet sttraight away following the first telephone conversation. Whatever the process, we will always keep you up to date with the client's feedback so that you know if you are still being considered, in which case we will not circulate your details for the same dates. If you are no longer on the client's shortlist, or she has changed her mind about some aspect of the booking, we will immediately contact you about other bookings for the same or similar dates. Remember, we are always looking at your availability and promise to keep you busy!

How much support will the agency give me during the booking?

We know from experience that certain situations can arise where the booking doesn't go as smoothly as planned, although thankfully this is rare.

We will always offer our support during the course of any booking. We will listen, assist with a tricky situation if necessary and will endeavour to provide you with the best possible solution and advice. You may wish to leave your booking earlier than planned and, in this instance, we would ask you to remain in the household until the replacement Maternity Nurse is confirmed. We will always ensure both Maternity Nurse and client are supported and listened to during and after the booking. Again, we must point out that this happens rarely.

What happens if I am not able to extend a booking for a Maternally Yours client?

If you have been asked by the client to extend the booking, but you don't wish to as you need to rest or you have personal commitments, please advise your consultant so she can propose alternatives to the client.

There are various products I like to use, like nappy creams, moisturiser, etc. How do I broach this with the client?

We would recommend that you discuss this at the interview or during the course of the pregnancy, when you are nearing the start date. Bear in mind that some clients will have bought items already as they liked the look of them or a friend recommended them.

Am I expected to accompany the parents’ home from hospital?

If a first time mother has stayed in hospital for 3 to 4 nights, she will be feeling stronger than if she was immediately discharged. On the other hand, if she is discharged after one night’s stay, she might be feeling vulnerable.

It is a special moment for the parents to leave the hospital and most mothers would prefer to settle in at home first and then have the Maternity Nurse arrive. On the other hand, you could arrive at the house and be asked to work on opening all the equipment and/or organise the nursery if it hasn’t already been done.

Each pregnancy, birth and appointment will be different, so it will depend on the circumstances.

How do your clients pay?

Most Maternity Nurses, once they have been offered a booking and have accepted, request a week’s deposit which is offset against the last week of the booking.

In the event the booking doesn’t proceed, through no fault of the Maternity Nurse, 50% of the deposit would be returned. In the rare case of loss, we would expect the Maternity Nurse to return the entire deposit and we would make her our priority to find a replacement booking.

Changes to Booking Length

What if I commit to a 12 week booking but the client feels after 8 weeks that she is coping because I have got the baby into such a fantastic routine?

We would suggest that the client eases herself into taking charge of her baby on a gradual basis, for example the Maternity Nurse changes to ‘nights only’ or does some daytime hours and some nights while looking after the baby’s nursery. A new mother takes time to recover and in the early weeks she can feel stronger than she actually is. It’s important she doesn’t overdo things to hinder a full recovery.

In any event, a week’s notice from the client is fair and this should be addressed in the contract.

What if I commit to a booking and then I am unable to take it due to unforeseen personal issues?

This does happen, although thankfully it is rare. We would expect you to advise us as soon as you know, so we can find a replacement Maternity Nurse for the client. You would, of course, need to return your deposit immediately.

What if, during the booking, the client wishes to extend the number of weeks I work?

The client will usually broach the subject with her Maternity Nurse before speaking to the Maternally Yours consultant. As long as she is available, we will proceed with the extension as requested, however, we will not allow a Maternity Nurse to extend her booking if there is an overlap with her next client’s dates.

Help! My client's baby is one week overdue. How does that affect me?

When discussing the start date with the client, we do take into consideration whether it’s a first baby, a multiple pregnancy and, if this is not the first baby, previous arrival dates.

As first babies can be late, we would recommend a start date of 3-6 days after the due date. However, if a C-Section is planned, it is sensible to allow for 4 nights’ hospital stay. Some clients book on a full retainer and are aware that this is costly, but this is their decision.

If the start date comes and goes, you should be paid 50% of your rate until you start, and this should be stated in the contract.

Overseas Positions

If I show interest in a position abroad, what happens with travel expenses?

The client will pay for your train, flights and taxi both to and from the location abroad for the interview and for the booking. Before you leave we insist on a return ticket being provided. It is also important that you have health insurance for abroad, although some Maternity Nurse’s private health insurance covers them for this purpose. Please check your policy for verification.

If you don’t currently have any health insurance you may like to start by contacting Flexi Cover.

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