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The Booking Process

Our Simple Three-step Process

We will ease you through the process every step of the way:

  1. Discuss and confirm your requirements: When considering booking a Maternity Nurse we would encourage you to contact us as early in your pregnancy as possible. Taking into consideration your lifestyle, household and expectations, we will present a selection of available and suitable Maternity Nurses who have confirmed their interest in your booking.
  2. Identify the Maternity Nurses of interest: Once you have made your shortlist, we’ll arrange for you to have an initial telephone conversation with each Maternity Nurse, followed by an interview in person.
  3. Book your Maternity Nurse: Finally, all that remains is to agree on the number of weeks with your Maternity Nurse which, when confirmed, we will allocate to her diary.

We will be here at each and every step of the process, offering advice and support as needed.

During your first telephone call we will discuss your requirements and will explain how we work, which will include outlining and sending you our Terms of Business. Details of your lifestyle, household and expectations will be noted in order to understand the type of Maternity Nurse best suited to your family. Once you have confirmed you wish to proceed, by agreeing to our Terms, we will immediately start the selection process. Shortly after, you will receive our recommended list of Maternity Nurses who are available for your dates and have confirmed their interest in your booking.

Details we will note during your initial enquiry:

  • your due date and whether you plan a natural birth or C-Section. Of course, if you have started your deliveries by C-Section, and plan to continue with the same, your date will be more predictable.
  • whether you plan to breast feed, and if you would prefer to book a breastfeeding specialist
  • if you already have children, as you may prefer to look for a Maternity Nurse who will be willing to babysit if you don't employ a live-in nanny
  • your lifestyle, such as do you plan to be very hands-on or do you have social/business/office pressures to fulfil 2 weeks post-partum?
  • your household layout and the number of stairs. If the nursery is on the fifth floor of a London Town house, we would recommend one of our more energetic Maternity Nurses who would enjoy the exercise your staircase demands several times a day!
  • the number of weeks you wish to book for, the booking schedule and whether you would prefer the Maternity Nurse to live in or live out
  • if the Maternity Nurse is required to accompany your family abroad during the booking, and if so, any travel Visas that may be required

You may know at this stage if you would prefer to book on a live-in or live-out basis, however, if you don't, we can send you profiles of both options for your consideration. Of course, if this is your first baby, or it is the first time you are considering a Maternity Nurse as this is your second or third baby, you may feel unsure about your needs. By discussing your expectations, we can suggest how a Maternity Nurse would best suit your family and household.

Once you have read through the Maternity Nurse Profiles, your consultant will be at hand to talk them through answering any questions you may have. We would recommend you call each of the Maternity Nurses yourself for an initial chat. Please note, if any of them are currently in a booking, please try to call during their specified free hours or on their day off to minimise any disruption to their working schedule. Your consultant will advise you when will be best to call.

We cannot stress highly enough the importance of making contact with the interested Maternity Nurses as soon as possible as, until they are booked, they will continue to have their Profiles circulated.

During your initial chat you will get a feel for the Maternity Nurse and how she works, and if you feel she could be right for your family, you could book her 'subject to interview'. Of course, if you have 6 profiles and wish to interview them all, you can do that as well.

Please Telephone Us
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