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About The Founder

I founded Maternally Yours in 1996 to create London’s first specialist professional agency to provide the very best experienced Maternity Nurses to discerning mothers-to-be in London, the UK and overseas.

A few years later I started my own family and this was the perfect opportunity for me to put to the test the services that we recommend to our clients. With that in mind, I booked one of our Maternity Nurses to see me through my daughter’s first few months and to help me adjust to being a new mother where I was treading on unknown territory. Fast forwarding to the present day, I am a mother of 4, having had three deliveries (including one set of twins) and three maternity nurses, and I know from personal experience how a professional Maternity Nurse fully supports and guides new parents at such a magical time.

The luxury and comfort of expert maternity care reassured and assisted us enormously during my daughter's first 12 weeks which was an amazing, intense and memorable chapter in our lives. Above all, it was completely stress free! I was able to delegate the night feeds, sleep through the night after expressing a stash of milk, and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic! During the day I spent hands-on Mummy time with my new baby alongside my Maternity Nurse, while at the same time addressing work and social commitments. It was win-win for all.

That's all well and good you may conclude, but this is what you need to know…

When my elder children were pre-schoolers, I was constantly asked by sleep-deprived parents if, with having 4 children, I ever managed to get a good nights' sleep! This took me by surprise as I was often asked this question. They, in turn, were astonished when I told them that my entire family were sleeping through the night. Every night.

I was struck by this as it didn't occur to me that were families with pre-schoolers who would have sleep issues, and it made me realise that by not having a Maternity Nurse in those crucial first few weeks, meant those families still hadn't established their childrens' all-important sleep routine and were suffering as a result.

So not only did our Maternity Nurse make our lives easier during the first few weeks, but the structure she put in place proved to be a godsend on a long-term basis! I can personally vouch that by laying the foundations from the very beginning, my babies learned and continued effective sleeping habits, which they as school-aged children have continued to maintain throughout their growth and development.

There were, of course, broken nights' sleep due to teething, bouts of illness or from a bad dream, but this is a normal part of baby and childhood sleep patterns. I can say, hand on heart, our decision to have a Maternity Nurse proved invaluable and well worth the investment for all my family.

My wish is for all our clients to experience the comfort and reassurance a Maternity Nurse can bring during those first few weeks following baby's arrival.

I wish you a safe and enjoyable pregnancy and trust we can assist you with making the first few weeks of your baby's life memorable and calm. Do telephone during office hours to discuss your plan, or complete our Enquiry Form without any obligation whatsoever, and we will come right back to you to discuss your big event!

Sarajane Ambrose, Founder

PS. My children are now aged between 9 and 14, and continue to sleep through the night (phones and screens are put away well in advance to ensure this!)