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First and Second Trimesters

Congratulations and welcome to Maternally Yours!

While it is always preferable to start the search process as early in your pregnancy as possible, we can assist you at any stage of your gestation. However, please note that you will have a larger selection of Maternity Nurses in the earlier stages of your pregnancy. To calculate the estimated date of delivery, please use our pregnancy due date calculator on this page.

The First Trimester

If you are newly pregnant or less than 12 weeks gestation, you are classed as being in your first trimester. You will be pleased to know you have the widest selection of Maternity Nurses at this stage. Having said that, when we send you details of interested Maternity Nurses, their availability can change so we do recommend making contact within 48 hours of receiving their Profiles with an initial telephone call to start the selection process. This will reassure them that they are being considered and they will refrain from committing to another booking of similar dates.

The Second Trimester

Expectant mothers in their second trimester will still have a good selection to choose from, however, as time will be of the essence, we would advise you to speak with proposed Maternity Nurses as soon as possible, or certainly within 24 hours of receiving their Profiles to avoid disappointment. It is important to be aware that other mothers with a similar due date will also be keen to secure a Maternity Nurse as their pregnancy progresses.

Please note that if any part of your proposed booking falls over the Christmas season there is usually a shortage of Maternity Nurses who will be working over the holiday period, so we recommend an early booking regardless of whether you are in your first or second trimester.

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