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Third Trimester and Beyond

Congratulations and welcome to Maternally Yours!

The Third Trimester

Expectant mothers in their third trimester are at the very last stages of their pregnancy. Well done, as this last hurdle can be quite challenging with some disturbed nights' sleep already which is nature's way of preparing you for the nights ahead. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss your options. We are used to working with clients in their third trimester and will work swiftly and efficiently to compile a shortlist of available Maternity Nurses for your selection by return. This will, however, require that you set aside time to read through Profiles, and telephone shortlisted candidates as a matter of urgency to secure the Maternity Nurse of your choice.


If your baby has already arrived, many many congratulations!  The magical journey has begun...

We are often contacted by parents who find the first few weeks challenging, perhaps due to lacking confidence to understand their baby's needs or they require help in setting up the all-important routine. Or you may have had an emergency C-Section and won't be as active as anticipated. Or, as new parents, you may simply be exhausted and just need a professional Maternity Nurse to give you a much-needed break, or indeed, 'show you the ropes'.

We always have a selection of Maternity Nurses who are 'in between' bookings, and thus available 'At Short Notice' or, for a quicker start, 'On Standby'. As we manage their diaries and have daily contact with them, we are fully up-to-date with who is currently available! It is as simple as that.

Are you reading this and wondering if a Maternity Nurse would suit your family at this current time? If so, do read on.

We have two types of Maternity Nurses available to you at this late stage:

  1. On Standby - commences within 48 hours and up to 6 days' time 
  2. At Short Notice - commences in 7 to 30 days' time 

Please telephone and speak to one of our expert consultants on +44 (0)207 795 6299 who will be delighted to listen to your requirements and provide you with the options available.

We can present you, by return, with a selection of available Maternity Nurses from the above time scales, to include references, and have you chatting to them within 2 hours of your instruction. Please note, an immediate 'On Standby' placement can only be arranged during our office hours. Outside these hours, please complete the Enquiry Form below for us to respond to you first thing on our next working day.

Please be assured that you will be our priority and that we will enjoy pulling out all stops to make sure you have a Maternity Nurse in place for your desired dates.

Please note, if any part of your proposed booking falls over the Christmas season, as there is usually a shortage of Maternity Nurses who will be working over the holiday period, we would recommend a quick decision whether you are in your third trimester or your baby has already arrived.

Please Telephone Us
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