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Twins or Triplets

If you are expecting twins or triplets, double or triple congratulations!

We regularly place multiples specialists who, believe it or not, can look after both or all three babies, attending to their every need. In fact, they thrive on the challenge of this multi-tasking role and the endless cycle of feeding, winding, changing and the settling down routine!

As you may be aware, some multiple pregnancies will require bedrest during the middle and/or later months of gestation, so we would recommend you start your search for a Maternity Nurse as early as is possible. The fatigue from the pregnancy will mean you won't have your usual energy reserves and taking a rest during the day will be paramount.

Be assured though that if you haven't booked a Maternity Nurse at the early stage of gestation, we can always assist you either before the birth or after. We offer a service to families where after the birth they can have a Maternity Nurse who is 'On Standby'. That is to say, she can commence within 48 hours to 6 days of being instructed, or you can book an 'At Short Notice' Maternity Nurse who can commence in 7 to 30 days' time. 

Please note, if any part of your proposed booking falls over the Christmas season, as there is usually a shortage of Maternity Nurses who will be working over the holiday period, we would recommend a quick decision whether you are in your third trimester or your baby has already arrived.

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