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The First Few Weeks of Your Baby's Life

Those first few weeks with your new baby are simply magical. When you are confident enough with your baby's feeding and sleeping routine to ensure weight gain, your milk production is established and you have mastered how to wind, and you are getting enough sleep, it is a joy and all-empowering. But what if this is your first baby, or you are adding to your family and you do not have parents or in-laws who can support you? What is supposed to come so naturally can in reality seem daunting and overwhelming, and it is not until the new parents arrive home that they can feel so 'untrained' for the role.

A well known ante-natal specialist, who shall remain nameless, advocates that you should spend the first two weeks of your baby's life in your nightie and dressing gown, while you fully immerse yourself in your baby's needs! That is all very well, but do you really want to receive visitors in such attire, and are you confident that you want to go it alone with the care of your new baby and all that it entails?

If not, do not despair as we have the perfect solution!

Maternally Yours Solutions

We place Maternity Nurses who specialise in caring for the post-partum mother and new born baby, working for the most part of 24 hours five or six days per week, on a live-in basis. Alternatively, if you prefer, we have Maternity Nurses who cover an 8 to 12 hour period, nights or days only, on a live-out basis. They will undertake a broad range of duties to assist and guide parents in adapting to having a new addition to their family and will:

  • establish that all important feeding/sleeping/playing routine making baby content, calm and secure
  • teach you how to best care for your baby and will allay any fears that you may have as new parents
  • teach you how to breastfeed, making sure baby 'latches on' correctly and isn't just 'comfort sucking'
  • monitor your baby’s weight, to ensure healthy and steady weight gain
  • feed your baby through the night with expressed milk or formula enabling you to get a good night's sleep (if you so wish)
  • bring baby to you during the night if you are breastfeeding and settle him allowing you to go back to sleep 
  • ensure you have plenty of rest for optimum milk production and post-partum recovery
  • help you master the tricks of winding effectively, while supporting you with her knowledge and experience
  • take care of the nursery, and launder bedding and clothing
  • sterilise feeding and expressing equipment
  • identify common issues/conditions, such as colic and reflux, and assist with effectively managing them
  • ensure your baby’s comfort at all times through confident and soothing handling

By booking your very own Maternity Nurse to help you through the first few weeks, you will feel relaxed and can rest assured that your baby’s needs will be met in every way, leaving you calm and confident, with a manageable routine for both you and your baby. It is this routine that, when established from the very beginning, lays the foundation for effective sleeping habits that are maintained throughout their growth and development.

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